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Pivotal Solutions has been helping dealer groups for nearly 20 years focus on what drives greater profits. Rob Norris is a certified sales coach and has worked with some of the largest owners in the mid-west including, Bob Rohrman and Ray Skillman.

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The secret to the success with each of these dealerships is found in the focus on three areas: Coaching, Products and Reporting (CPR). Bringing new life to people and processes that are challenged by the current economy and a frustrated workforce.

Rob Norris has a lifetime of experience that he invest in each coaching opportunity. Great changes is most likely developed by making many small changes in behavior and focus.

The PS line of products is unmatched and being constantly upgraded to give you the greatest competitive edge with each sale. The newest addition to this collection is Pivotal Appearance. An aerospace coating for any car that has a 5 year warranty.

Accountability is the next major hurdle for many dealerships and groups. Performance Reporting gives you the dashboarding necessary to see your challenges as a owner, manager or a sales person.

20% Guarantee

Pivotal Solutions offers the greatest improvement guarantee in the business. We guarantee a 20% increase in dollars per deal. If you would like to know how you can bring NEW LIFE to your profits, contact us today.guarantee

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