Environmental Protection

Keep Vehicles Looking New and CSI Highsm_environmentalprotection

Professional Series Super PolysteelTM Advanced Formula System keeps vehicles looking their best for years to come. Super Polysteel offers protection for both inside and outside a vehicle – paint, fabric, carpet, vinyl and leather.

A customer who buys the Super Polysteel system has protection against fading,chalking, loss of gloss, acid rain, tree sap, bird debris, and most spills. Should something happen to the vehicle, the customer can have his or her vehicle professionally cleaned or buffed to repair the damaged surface and return it to it’s original condition. Super Polysteel also provides coverage to repaint or replace a damaged surface if it cannot be returned to its original condition.

Program Details

AS agents install Super Polysteel at the dealership and train dealership personnel to apply the product. Dealerships remit a form every month indicating Super Polysteel package and warranty sales along with payments for each warranty. IAS processes the warranty, and then ships each customer a 6-product maintenance kit personalized with a color logo of the selling dealership.

Customer Benefits

  • Interior and exterior environmental protection
  • Can help maintain vehicle value
  • 6-product maintenance kit