Sales Meeting Discussion Guide:


Why is clearing your mind to Zero important? (Share your answer, get answers from at least 5-6 of your sales team, pointing out the obvious and giving appropriate feedback).


We’ve been talking a lot about marketing yourself and getting prospects so that you can have more opportunities to sell an automobile. When we get that opportunity we really have to make the best of it and it starts with clearing our minds back to zero. It means taking each car deal one at a time and starting over with each customer and being completely present for them.

QUESTION: How can we show our potential customer that they are all that matter right now?


  • Stay with them through the whole deal.
  • Don’t take unnecessary phone calls while you’re with your customer.
  • Forget about everything that happened in the past it does not matter.
  • Stay in their world.


QUESTION: You are with someone now and another potential customer comes in, what will you do?


  • Find a pause in your current conversation to let them know that you will have someone else help the customer that just came in so that you can give your current customer your undivided attention. (One and a half a deal is better than no deals or half a deal is still better than no deal).
  • Acknowledge the customer that just came in when appropriate and let them know that you can help them when you are able to; setting the proper expectations and following through on them.
  • Find an appropriate moment to explain to your current customers that you are going to turn your other customers over to management so that they can be treated professionally and courteously.



Have EVERY sales team member share how they will clear their mind to zero with their next up.

Possible Ideas:

  • Don’t live in the past.
  • Treat each car deal as if your whole career depended on it.
  • Think of yourself as being able to provide the ideal solution to your customer’s problem.
  • Be truly grateful that they showed up at your store.
  • Hang up any problems from the past before engaging with the customer.
  • Be an expert at what you do.
  • Begin every deal with the end in mind.
  • Treat your customers like a VIP.



When you have a customer that is ready to make a big commitment and they are about to spend a lot of money, they want to be treated like a very important person, at least to their sales person.  After all, they’re not buying a Hamburger at the local fast food joint.  Start clearing your mind to zero on each and every deal. And you can make each and every customer feel like a VIP.