Sales Meeting – EXPECTATIONS

Sales Meeting Discussion Guide:


What are your expectations for today?  I ask about today because the only thing that really matters is what you will do in the present. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow, you might not wake up! What matters most is what you do today right now. So let me ask you again. What is your expectation for today?  Get answers from everyone and enjoy the comments, offer appropriate feedback along the way. You may have some negative responses, don’t get caught up in them, stay positive and move on.



One of my favorite quotes is from the patriarch of the car business, Henry Ford. He said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.  There are hundreds of sayings on expectations and positive or “stinking thinking” – (Zig Ziglar coined that phrase), because they are true. However, expecting to win is only the beginning; it’s a good place to start because everything starts in the mind and how we think.

QUESTION: Based on the video that you just saw, what else do we need if we really want to have all the tools that make up the foundation from which we can win from?


  • Renewed energy
  • Renewed perspective
  • An increased expectancy of success


QUESTION: It is inevitable that we will be re-trained by our customers it happens to all of us, especially in sales.  How can we avoid being re-trained by our customers too often?


  • We have to clear our minds back to zero, (we can’t let what just happened affect what is going to happen. We must be in control), renew our perspective, renew our energy and focus on expecting to win.
  • We have to become confident again. Confidence comes from passion and knowing our products, knowing our inventory and knowing that we can treat our customers with outstanding service.
  • We know that we have the automobile of their dreams and we know that our team can put the deal together.



Have EVERY sales team member share one way that they can recognize they’re being re-trained by their customer and how they can get back on expecting to win.

Possible Ideas:

  • Stay on track: When a customer makes a request or asks a question answer it, acknowledge it and get right back to the step that you are supposed to be on.
  • When someone wants to leave or come back make sure that you get a manager involved. A good T.O.
  • Stay positive and keep that winning expectation going through out the sale.
  • I haven’t sold a car to the last 3 people I talked to/ your due, Babe Ruth, the great baseball player use to say “Every strike just brings me closer to the next home run” Go get em.



Changing the way we think and how we feel can be learned.  With good coaching, an open mind, a burning desire and some good old fashioned hard work. You can accomplish whatever you want to.