Sales Meeting – GREAT QUESTION

Sales Meeting Discussion Guide:


Why do you think it is important to ask questions about the vehicle that your potential customer is driving now?  And what types of questions have you been asking to get specific information to help find their dream car? (Get answers from at least 3-4 of your sales staff; ask if anyone else has an answer.  Listen, you may learn something from your people. Provide positive feedback and give recognition to great answers.)



A great way to get someone to open up is to ask about what is important to them?  Ask them about their reasons for wanting or needing an automobile.  Ask them their reasons for stopping to see you and then LISTEN. By listening, you can continue responding with effective questions.  You will be in control.
We all know that a car purchase is the second or third biggest investment that a person will make. When we sell cars for a living, it’s crucial to get someone to open up about what’s important to them on an automobile.  After all, people buy for their own reasons. Our job should be to find out what those reasons are.

QUESTION: Do you think that there are ways that we can get people to buy something for reasons other than their own?


  • No, not really.  People generally buy for their own reasons.
  • However, we may be able to persuade their reasons for wanting to buy.

QUESTION: How do you think we might be able persuade someone to our way of thinking?


  • By starting with the right mindset (Expecting to win).
  • By asking great questions.
  • By listening sincerely and responding with more questions until we are clear.
  • By making someone feel good when we first meet them.



Have EVERY sales team member share one question and why they would ask that question on their next potential customer.

Possible Ideas:

  • Are you looking to replace your current vehicle or are you looking for an additional automobile? Why is that? Get them to tell their story.
  • We can ask specific questions on why they bought their current car. Listen to their reasons and how it may be different today.
  • What do you like now? What don’t you like now? Why is that? Get more information.
  • By saying; really! That’s interesting. I’m curious to know more, what happened next? Tell me more.
  • By tying-in the features of our car to match exactly the reasons for them wanting or needing an automobile?



There are two types of questions that are important to understand in our business and they are generally classified as opened and closed (sometimes known as specific) ended questions; Open ended questions are designed to get information. When asked effectively it will get your potential customer to open up.  Open ended questions are good ice breakers. Then there are closed ended or specific questions. These are designed to lead your potential customer; in many cases you will already know the answer to the question before you ask the question. Understanding and identifying when and which type of question you should ask are key elements to successful sales.