Sales Meeting “In-A-Box”


I’d like to introduce you to Meeting In A Box.

We’ve basically removed all the preparation necessary to begin a meeting.

We use a 3-4 minute video to be a catalyst for a discussion with your sales team because at the end of the day it’s not selling cars, it’s selling you and it’s time to start selling you successfully.

We provide you with a discussion guide allowing you to engage your sales team in best practices
for your organization.

Use this material to equip and inspire your people to be the best that they can be. Plain and simple we’ve taken all the effort out of preparing for a sales meeting.

Would you go into a gun fight without a gun?
Well I don’t think you should go into a sales meeting without being prepared.


Volume 1 (12 Units)


Volume 2 (12 Units)


Driving VSC Sales

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