Sales Meeting – PHONE CALLS

Sales Meeting Discussion Guide:


Most of the phone ups that you get are about someone looking for information. Usually they are inquiring about a specific automobile.  (If you are using a monitoring system such as (“who’s Calling”) then the manager(s) have already been listening to some of these calls).  Tell me about the last conversation you had over the phone while working here and what happened.


Usually when we talk about first impressions we don’t talk much about the importance of a first impression that is formed over the phone. The way you handle a phone inquiry can be more difficult than engaging someone in person.  However, if you are good on the phone then you will be well on your way to securing a sale.

QUESTION: What are some ways to make a great impression over the phone?


  • Wear the face you want to project before picking up the phone and be aware of your tonality.
  • Set the proper expectations with whom you are speaking
  • Have a script for opening statements.
  • Be prepared to answer questions


QUESTION: What can you do to be better prepared when you answer the phone?


  • Have pen and paper to take notes.
  • Know your store; the hours for all departments, web addresses, phone numbers, directions and landmarks.
  • Know your products and your inventory, drive your cars and be able to tell a story about your pre-owned vehicles.



Have EVERY sales team member share their opening statement (meet & greet), when answering a phone call.

Possible Ideas:

  • Good morning, thank you for calling XYZ Chevrolet.  Sales consultant Tom Smith speaking.
  • What a wonderful day, this is Tom Smith from XYZ store, who am I speaking with?
  • Thank you for calling XYZ Ford, this is Tom Smith, how are you today?



Have you ever gotten off the phone and thought how unprofessional was that person. Don’t let that person be you. We want to make a great first impression every time.  When we have good phone etiquette and good communication skills we will start the conversation off the right way.