Sales Meeting Discussion Guide:


What did you do, before you got into the automobile business?  (Get answers from at least 3-4 of your sales team, be in control and point out interesting facts.)


There was a post the other day online where a former marine was asking about how much money could be made selling cars. He said that there was a local dealership always looking to hire sales people and he had considered giving it a try.  There were several replies from different sales consultants and the answers ranged from 50K to as much as 250K. The best reply I saw was as little or as much as you want to make.  It’s true that we have professionals from all walks of life that come in to the business and want to give it a try. The ones that end up making 250k or more or the ones that end up owning their own business all enjoy people and they like automobiles.

QUESTION: What other characteristics do you think successful men and women in our business have in common?


  • They have a burning desire and a definite purpose of they want to accomplish
  • They have clear short term and long term goals and they take action to achieve them
  • They want to be the best at what they do
  • They have a competitive nature and expect to win


QUESTION: How can you expect to win?  (To accomplish your goals).


  • Master the basics and continue learning to become an expert in your profession
  • You have to see it then believe it with feeling and take action to go get it
  • You have to be clear on what you want and when you want it



Have EVERY sales team member tell the rest of the group their name, where they worked and why they left their last job. How long they have been in the automobile business and what they would like to accomplish as a short term goal and a long term goal in their current careers.

Possible Ideas:

  • Hi I’m Sam and I use to work as a credit analyst but I left because I thought I was worth more than what I was being paid. I believed that I could be good at selling because I like cars and I enjoy helping people. I’ve been in the business for 1 year.  My short term goal is to sell 4 more cars this month than I did last month and my ultimate goal is to be the number one sales person in my district.
  • There’s no right or wrong answers.  Just make sure that the responses are staying in the proper format. You may want to write it out.
  • Name, where you worked why you left. How long in business. Short term and long term goal.



Sharing your background and your reasons for doing what you do and verbalizing your goals to others can build camaraderie and a better team spirit. It will also help you stay focused on why you do what you do and more importantly what you can accomplish.