Sales Meeting Discussion Guide:


What is the oddest place you have ever handed out one or more of your business cards?
(Get answers from at least 5-6 of your sales team, pointing out the obvious opportunities that should be taken by all of us, while laughing at the craziest of these stories.)



Out of all the industries that survived the last many years of economic turmoil, the car business has been one the few great places to work that has the opportunity for making a great salary and there is rapid advancement potential for sales members to become Managers and even General Managers.   Most EVERY General Manager started his career on the sales floor.

QUESTION:   How can our “perspective” of our job limit our sales performance?


  • If we are constantly apologizing for trying to sell something, it screams that we don’t believe in the product we are selling.
  • If we are just testing the waters to see if this is going to be the “career” for me, the customer will always know that we are just passing through and not really a professional in the car industry.


QUESTION:  How can having “PASSION” about the place you work or the vehicles you have to offer impact our sales performance?


  • “Passion” communicates CONFIDENCE and Confidences is transferred to the customer as PRIDE!   “I am proud of what I have to offer you from my store.”
  • This enthusiasm allows the customer to have an emotional experience that allows them to get excited about purchasing their new car (and less focused on the monthly payment).



Have EVERY sales team member share one method they will use to distribute their contact information this week to a group of people within their “circle of influence”.

Possible Ideas:

  • Facebook Post
  • Mail 10 encouraging notes with your business card included
  • Hand one to every waiter or waitress every time we sign the check when we eat out
  • Give one to every clerk as we checkout at the Walmart, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, etc…
  • When waiting in any line or any waiting room, introduce yourself to the person in front and behind you.



If you were the OWNER of the dealership and every sale and every dollar you made depended on you telling EVERYONE you met about the great cars you have to offer, how would it change your daily habits and perspective of your opportunity?