Pivotal Solutions is a strategic partner to large automotive dealer groups, providing guaranteed revenue growth through accountability, coaching and marketing.  In a world of trunk agents and narrow-focused product salesmen, we bring the power of a Local Management Team within your grasp!

PS Venn Diagram BASICNew Life!  Guaranteed.

In addition to a successful line of products and the best national administrators, Pivotal Solutions has a proven team of coaches with extensive automotive, finance and sales experience.   We have additional on-demand training and coaching available for employees at every level of your dealer group.   From the Owner/Partners, General Managers, and F&I Managers to the individual sales force, Pivotal Solutions has complete resources prepared for each area of focus.


Accountability starts with an honest awareness of how one is performing.  Pivotal Reporting brings a real-time dashboard and pushed reporting from the group level down to the individual team member.